Our Story

Our story begins in the rugged, wind swept landscape of the Pilbara, Western Australia, home of mining and early pastoral pursuits in sheep husbandry. The project that launched Three Corners Design took us to a remote area in this outback region where a beloved historic homestead was in dire need of restoration. As construction momentum built, the scope of works grew with a design-build approach embraced by the ambitious proprietor to contend with the logistical challenges of remote area work. Upon completion, twelve buildings had been restored or newly built and the homestead complex was transformed into a leafy oasis amongst the red soil and brush landscape

Three Corners Design was conceived as an architectural design practice spanning three continents and leveraging cross-border collaboration, each project team being configured to respond the unique needs of each project. With an eye for design, an understanding of construction and a commitment to environmental responsibility, we strive to reach the full potential of your project brief. This provides you with a thoughtful and well considered design solution that meets your goals, creating spaces that are inspired, places that are connected to the landscape and responds with sensible environmental impact. Our attention is focused on all aspects of the building process, from development of the brief and programme, comprehensive design, careful detailing, and following with sound construction practices.

Why us?

Whether your project is an addition to your home, new house in the city or special get-away in the hinterlands, Three Corners Design is able to provide you with a diversity of services, from design to construct services tailored to your brief and budget.

Three Corners Design is a small, multi-discipline firm which champions thoughtful and environmentally responsive design solutions. We have the ability to design and build projects which may take us to the far corners of Australia or across the ocean to North America or Europe. We have a network of skilled designers, architects and tradesmen who will collaborate with you to bring your ultimate project to fruition.